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Citronella Oil (Cymbopogon nardus)

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This special organic oil is extracted from a hardy grass, which is found in the native country of Sri Lanka and Java. Citronella Oil is used to make wax candles and is used as an insect repellant.

Uses of Citronella Oil

There are several uses of Citronella Oil:

  • The first and foremost use of this oil is because of its insect repellent property.
  • It is used in ridding the dogs and cats out of flea.
  • The oil acts as a diffuser when used as a powerful spray.
  • Citronella essential oil keeps the mind clean.
  • Generally, it is used for toning; it gives a toning effect on the body.
  • The oil protects us from minor infections, cold, and flu.

          Benefits of Citronella Oil

          The following are some of the benefits of Citronella Essential Oil:

          1. Inhibit bacteria and growth of fungus: Citronella oil is used to stop the growth of fungus especially in the region of throat and ears. It also kills bacteria and stops their growth.
          2. Fights depression: It reduces negative feeling and anxiety. It, therefore, gives a fresh feeling, which refreshes our mind.
          3. Anti-inflammatory Property: The oil is used to alleviate any kind of toxic element getting into the body by using any kind of drugs or narcotics, hard or spicy food or any type of disease.
          4. Removes bad odour: The oil is used to remove bad odour from the body as it has a lemon-like smell, it is used in small quantities as a spray or deodorant.
          5. Eliminates toxin: Citronella Oil is used to remove excess water, salts, fats and other waste material from the body. It makes the body feel light, gives a glow to the skin and reduces fever.


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