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Dill seed Oil

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Dill seed is a native to the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region. It is used worldwide as an important spice and herbal herb. This kind of invasive weed grows best in temperate and hot areas.

Uses of Dill Seed Oil

The following are its important uses:-
  • It is regarded as a good carrier oil and hence used for topical application
  • Used as a vaporizer in aromatherapy.
  • Helpful in giving good skin quality.
  • Induces profound sleep.
  • It relieves any kind of muscle cramps.
  • Uses as an anti-bacterial to clean wounds.

Benefits of Dill Seed Oil

The health benefits of Dill Seed oil can be attributed to its various properties as given:-
  • Removes Spasm: Spasm can create a lot of problems it results in non-stop coughs, hiccups, cramps, muscle pull, convulsions or epileptic attacks, such kind of spasms can be relaxed by using Dill Seed Oil, the results are highly effective.
  • Facilitates Digestion: Dill Seed Oil helps in digestion in a very easy way. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices like gastric juices, bile, and acid. It also stimulates the salivary gland and aids digestion.
  • Treats Breast Milk Deficiency: Dill seed oil consists of a substance known as a galactagogue, which increases the formation of milk in the breast. This feature of the oil helps in lactating mother and is very good for the overall health of babies.


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