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Most often used as traditional medicine, the Eucalyptus Essential Oil produces a fresh, strong camphoraceous aroma which is exceedingly prescribed for its antibacterial properties. The oil acts as a stimulant for mental activity regulates the flow of blood to the brain, relief from pain, and dental healthcare.

Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

The oil is widely used by the various industries like pharmaceutical, antiseptic, repellent, flavouring, fragrance and industrial uses due to which it stands a great demand in the worldwide market.

It is easily available worldwide and priced at the comfort of everyone’s pocket. Some of the most useful products available in the market which contains eucalyptus are mouthwashes, liniments and ointments, toothpaste, cough drops, and lozenges.

It may also surprise you that the oil is also used as an insect repellent and bio-pesticides.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

  • Blood Circulation: The oil massage to the body increases the blood circulation which relaxes your body and fights tiredness. It heals your mind and controls all possible headaches.
  • Cures Respiratory Disorders: The ability to cure respiratory disorders protects you from problems like cough, cold, congestion, and asthma. A gentle massage or a proper inhale helps you with immediate relief. Considered as the best remedy for respiration-related problems, it is one of the key elements of the medicines which are preferably used to cure Cold and influenza. Whether it is a cold sweet, ointment or an inhalant, you will find the eucalyptus oil everywhere.
  • Treats Diabetes: Eucalyptus oil can also help in the treatment of diabetes. Diabetic patients are very much benefited from usage.
  • Natural Disinfectant: Properties like antiviral, anti-bacterial; anti-fungal makes it a natural disinfectant and cures diarrhoea, dysentery, and inflammation over massage.
  • Other Health Benefits: The essential oil cures and eases your body against problems like Rhinitis, over-exercised Muscles, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Tuberculosis, and Tennis Elbow.


All our oils are for external use only. Never use our natural essential oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally, keep away from children and eyes, always check if there are any medical issues that could cause a problem. Seek help if you have any doubts. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please refer to our policies for further details, and our disclaimer on the bottom of our homepage. Bottles are filled by volume. Some bottle sizes may not be filled to the top, but do contain the volume of oil specified.

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