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Nutmeg Oil

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Nutmeg Oil is an essential oil mostly used in aromatherapy and for flavouring different types of food items. The tree contains small dull yellow colour flower, which once opened shows an aril named mace, which wraps the nutmeg fruit.

Uses of Nutmeg Oil

  • It protects people from fainting and is good for the mind, heart and overall circulation of blood.

  • The oil is good for the condition of the stomach as it protects the digestive system against any kind of harm like nausea, chronic vomiting, and diarrhoea

  • Nutmeg Oil helps in relieving any kind of pain like muscles pain, rheumatism and any kind of inflammation.

  • The Nutmeg Oil helps in childbirth as it has an exclusive property of contraction.

Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

    • Relieves pain: Nutmeg Oil reduces any kind of a pain in the body, it may be inflammation, arthritis or pain of abdominal. For getting relief the oil should be massaged properly in the affected area for getting good results.

    • Resolve mensuration problem: Many women face problems like mood swings, depression, and hormone imbalance during mensuration. Nutmeg Oil soothes this kind of problem very fast.

    • Healthy for liver: The Nutmeg Oil has healing property, it protects the liver from many kinds of harmful toxins and clean up the liver keeping it free from any kind of diseases, therefore, proving to be a healthy tonic.

    • Treats kidney problem: Good doctors suggest the use of olive oil as it keeps the kidney in a healthy condition.It dissolves stones and does not let uric acid gets accumulated in the body anywhere.


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