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Palmarosa Oil

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Palmarosa Oil, also known as Turkish Geranium Oil, is obtained from Cymbopogon martini of the Graminae family which itself is a perennial grass having its origin in Ethiopia. 

Uses of Palmarosa Oil

  • It is used in products meant to reduce mental stress and improve digestion
  • It is used in vapor therapy and also helps relieve tension and depression
  • It can be used for bathing as it fights infections and skin wounds
  • It is used in lotion & creams as it regenerates skin and gives a hydrating effect

Benefits of Palmarosa Oil

There are innumerable benefits of Palmarosa Oil listed below:

    1. Helpful for Skin Disorder: This oil is used to fight many problems like acne, pimples, boils, and scars on the skin. Palmarosa Oil offers cell renewal benefits as well as nourishes and makes the skin look healthy and harmonious.
    2. Reduces Stress: This oil reduces any kind of disorder related to anxiety, depression, and stress. It enables one to fight with problems like sinusitis, restlessness, and any kind of irritability.
    3. Fights Fungal Infection: It helps in fighting any kind of infection on the skin which leads to the accumulation of bacteria and growth of any kind of fungus. For this, a specific amount is applied to the infected area. It also acts as a repellant against insect bites and stings.


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